Sotware Development Services

Connected Desktop Apps

We develop business applications to fit your specific needs. With all the right features like central database, reporting dashboards, custom workflows and artificial- intelligence-based automation of business tasks.

SaaS & Cloud 

With more than 10 years of experience in transforming independent software vendors to cloud solutions, we know what it takes to run software in the cloud and develop or migrate single tenant or multi-tenant applications.

Mobile Apps

Using our proven framework, we can easily bring application logic to the mobile client to extend the reach of your enterprise applications or reach new clients with advanced scenarios.

Smart Watch Apps

In the days of information overflow nothing is more effective than paging the user on his wrist for important actions to take. We develop smart watch apps that can work standalone or in a paired mode with the smart phone depending on your requirements.

IOT Connected Devices

Implementing Smart Connected devices is challenging  on both the device and the cloud side. Leverage our experience to get a solution developed with confidence. We also integrate artificial intelligence cloud services based on your requirements.

Embedded Development

We do the complete life cycle: Hardware-Development, Software-Development and Updates. Modernize your existing solutions with rich graphics, connectivity and predictive intelligence from the cloud.