Solidator 3.0 - The Next-Generation Resin 3D Printer


Extremely Large - Build volume of 26.9 liters

The Solidator is not just fast but you can print really huge models up to 336x210x200 mm (13.22"x8.26"x7.87"). It’s also possible to print multiple smaller models in one print. With this it is ideal for small batch productions, prototypes and single-part production.

Extremely Fast - 1948 cm³ / hour (118 in³/h)

The Solidator is an ultra-fast Next Generation 3D DLP Printer. It prints 5x as fast as a comparable FDM Standard Printer and 3x as fast as other SLA printers. The Solidator prints up to 1948 cm³ per hour (118 in³/h). Vertical build speed: 29 mm / hour (1.14 in / hour)

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